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Energy Assessment

The purpose of Energy Savings Assessments is to identify immediate opportunities to save energy and to reduce cost, by focusing on key systems: steam, process heating, compressed air, fan,drives, lighting, and pumping systems. These processes consume most of the energy used by U.S. industry. Fine-tuning of these systems may cost little but offers your company the potential to yield large savings. Quick successes with optimizing these systems can lead to significant long-term savings if the approach is spread throughout your company’s plants.

Sample Case Study

Download: Compressed Air Efficiency: A Case Study Combining Variable Speed Control with Electronic Inlet Valve Modulation

This paper discusses an energy efficient compressed air system at an industrial automation components manufacturing facility. The authors performed and energy assessment as part of the DOE’s Industrial Assessment Center program and followed up with additional investigations on the compressed air system.

The compressed air system utilizes an outlet pressure transducer to a microcontroller to adjust system capacity by changing motor speed and modulating an electric proportional inlet valve. This control system allows reduced modulation of operating pressure and a lower operating set point, when compared to either system alone, and avoids thermal overloads when the VFD attempts to operate at low frequencies. The control system will be examined and discussed with respect to operation, energy savings, installation costs, and payback.