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Industrial Relations



  • Reduced energy costs
  • Increased profits
  • Pathway for continuous improvement
  • Carbon savings
  • Compare their energy intensity to other companies
  • Enhanced community relations

Center's Statistics

Total Recommendations:175

Recommendations Per Assessment:8

Average Recommended

Savings Per Assessment

Usage Reduction % Reduction Cost

($) Savings

All Energy 7,498 5.39% $54,056 MMBtu
Electrical 609,944 7.29% $31,234 kWh
Natural Gas 1,223 2.29% $7,900 MMBtu
Waste - - $121 -
Productivity - - $12,045 -
Total - - $66,222 -

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Internship Opportunities

Under construction.

What our clients are saying

"We were thrilled with not only the speed, efficiency and professionalism that was exhibited by this department, but the in depth report we received at the end. We have made recommendations to other businesses and will continue to do so. We are working on all the suggestions now" (IP-0017)

"Your team did an outstanding / professional assessment at PHD in which we have implemented a number of the recommendations and achieved significant savings" (IP-0011)